how to make a man fall in love with you



  1. Be yourself and relax. No one likes a stuck-up snob.
  2. Laugh. Being happy and being fun-loving is a big turn-on for guys. If this is hard for you, you can actually trick yourself into thinking something is funny. Never get mad, slap, or yell at the guy you want to like you. It’s a complete turn-off.
  3. Smile at every chance you get. It shows the guy you’re optimistic and can have a great time.
  4. Always let him try to make you happy. Guys to make the girl they are falling for happy.
  5. Never become a doormat. If he takes advantage of you, it’s not worth the pain in the end.
  6. Stand up for what you believe in. Never give in during a debate about the greatest band, or anything of the sort. It lets him know that you don’t need him, which makes you more desirable. That said, don’t argue too adamantly about everything. Letting him win some of the smaller debates shows you’re a good sport and can take teasing and meet him intellecually.
  7. Catch the fun-bug. Always put on a happy face and laugh at his jokes.
  8. If he doesn’t take to you, there’s nothing wrong with you. We all have to learn how to move on, even masters in the game of love.
  9. Even if you two only end up being friends because it turns out not working then at least you are able to be a part of his life and can know him.
  10. Don’t let him force you into having sex. Don`t do it just to please him. Make sure you feel ready and trust that he actually likes you and isn’t just going to leave you straight after it. If you’re not sure just tell him straight. If he’s a decent guy he will respect you and wait patiently untill you decide you are ready to take things further.



  • Avoid getting angry at him for stupid stuff, like hitting you with a ball or teasing you when he means well. If he hurts you physically or emotional, then it’s okay to be angry.
  • Don’t be manipulative. The best things happen when you are just yourself and don’t overplan.
  • Above all, if the guy doesn’t love you for who you really are, then he is NOT really in love with you, so be yourself!
  • Never keep hanging on to him when he is not interested. Men find it annoying when you show up at their house and just won’t leave.
  • Learn to take a hint. If the man starts doing something different while you are talking to him, shut up. Don’t try to force his attention to you.
  • Don’t put him in a compromising position. Men care about how you feel, even if they are not interested in you romantically. Don’t force them to answer a question if they look uncomfortable with it.
  • Be very patient. Men sometimes like more than one girl at a time. Don’t get all emotional when he doesn’t pay alot of attention to you (don’t march out of his house angry because he didn’t talk to you that much, they don’t care if you get mad)
  • Don’t be too loose and yet don’t be stuck-up. A man doesn’t want to think he’s never getting any sex, but he also doesn’t want to get it that easy.
  • Don’t make him feel worthless by ranting on and on about your ex’s. If you say what you dislike in your ex’s, he might be put off because most men have the same faults.
  • Do not get between him and his friends. A man will always put you above his friends, but his friends might think of a way to get rid of you.
  • Don’t admire other men too much. If you gasp for breath everytime you see Ryan Sheckler, he might start to think you don’t love him (men get jealous easily)
  • Don’t say you love him if you don’t really mean it, they might become obsessive
  • Don’t EVER cheat. If he loves you and you don’t love him, tell him that in a calm and caring manner. People get hurt when a man’s ego gets smacked down.
  • Be what he needs. Be sure to have that something he cannot live without, you don’t have to be pretty to be precious.
  • Don’t put on too much make-up. Xmas trees are not hot.
  • Don’t get an attitude when you see something on T.V. Infact, don’t pull an attitude for any dumb reason. Men think you are immature if you have an attitude.
  • Respect him if he respects you. Do not shoot down everything he says if he listens to every word you say. This is pretty much both ways
  • Don’t get mad if he says your sports team is s**t. You will always be more important than sport.



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